Grit with flint, oyster shells and other seashells

  • Country's Best GRIT is grit especially formulated for gallinaceous birds with flint, oyster shells and other seashells supplemented with a small amount of charcoal.
  • Grit and flint promote the digestion and provide optimal health. Oyster shells and seashells supply the minerals necessary for the formation of the eggshell and the skeleton.
  • The grit also contains charcoal that binds harmful substances and gases in the intestine, and thus helps to improve digestion.

Available in

  • 2,5 kg (EAN5410340512197)


marine shells, flint, oyster shells, charcoal

Analytical constituents

crude ash 97.4%, lysine 0%, methionine 0%, calcium 19%, phosphorus 0.022%, sodium 0.21%

Directions for use

• You can provide Country's Best GRIT all year round in a separate bowl. Preferably change it daily.
• Keep in a cool, dry place.