Optimal-Start 25

Protein supplement for youngsters and breeding pigeons

Colombine Optimal-Start 25 is eggfood in powder form, rich in vitamin E. Contains 25% protein.

  • Well balanced protein supplement for breeding and young pigeons
  • Ensures a successful fecundation, breeding and growth of the young

Available in

  • 5 kg (EAN5410340133316)


breadcrumbs, soya meal, soya protein, maize, animal fat, vegetable oil, sugars, canary seed, millet, cardy, niger seed, hempseed, calcium carbonate

Analytical constituents

crude protein 25%, crude fat 9%, crude fibre 3%, crude ash 7%, calcium 1.3%, sodium 0.2%, phosphorus 0.7%, lysine 1.2%, methionine 0.40%


Nutritional additives

3a672a vitamin A 25000 IU, 3a671 vitamin D3 1300 IU, 3a700 vitamin E 200 mg, 3b202 iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2 mg, E4 copper (cupric sulphate, pentahydrate) 10 mg, 3b503 manganese (manganous sulphate, monhydrate) 100 mg, 3b605 zinc (zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 97 mg, E8 selenium (sodium selenite) 0.2 mg

Zoo Technical Additives

4a1617 endo-1.4-beta-xylanase (EC 100 mg

Directions for use

Administer to future breeders as of 1 week before pairing, this ensures a good fertilisation. Provide about 10 tablespoons of Optimal-Start 25 per 20 pigeons daily in a pot. Refresh daily. After weaning, administer the same amount to youngsters.