Grit + Redstone

Grit with Redstone and aniseed

Colombine Grit + Redstone contains stomach gravel, silex stones, oyster shells, seashells, redstone and charcoal. Stomach gravel and silex stones are the pigeon's teeth.

  • With silex and gastric grinding stones, source of minerals and trace elements
  • Promotes an optimal digestion and produces solid droppings
  • Very well ingested and also contains aniseed

Available in

  • 2,5 kg (EAN5410340123201)
  • 20 kg (EAN5410340123317)


redstone, seashells, oyster shells, limestone, stomach gravel, flint, charcoal, anise (0.2%)

Analytical constituents

crude ash 98.5% (41% ash insoluble in HCl), calcium 23%, sodium 0.15%, phosphorus 0.02%, lysine 0%, methionine 0%

Directions for use

Make freely available all year round in a separate bowl and change it daily.