Pets with imperfections are the perfect friends

Whether it’s a hanging ear, a missing leg or two differently coloured eyes. As an animal lover, you know that your loyal pet’s real beauty lies within. Because we at Versele-Laga want to be there for all animals, we believe it’s high time to shine a light on those who look a little different. Want to you join us?

Use #imperfectfriend and win a luxury box for your pet

Do you want to spoil your (im)perfect friend with luxury food and care products from Versele-Laga? Post a photo or video on Instagram or Facebook and tell us what makes your pet the (im)perfect friend. Together we can show the world how beautiful all animals are!


Join Sofie Senden's TikTok Challenge

Is your (im)perfect friend ready to become TikTok famous? Conquer the internet now and join the TikTok challenge by Sofie Senden (vzw Lamana). 

Don't forget to use the hashtag! #IMPERFECTFRIEND

You can participate until the 17th of October 2021

Meet all (im)perfect friends
*Looking for the rules and regulations? Click here.