95% in-house production chain

At our core, we are a 'producer'. This means that we also produce more than 95% of the products we commercialise ourselves. This gives us control over every aspect of the production process: from raw material sources and feed formulas to production, packaging and distribution. As a consequence of this end-to-end approach, we can maintain control over the entire process and comply with the standards we set ourselves.

At Versele-Laga, we also value being able to source and sell regionally. This is why we have 10 different factories and 11 distribution centres located strategically across 3 continents.

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Recyclable packaging

By 2025, all single-use plastic packaging in circulation will have to be reusable or easily recyclable. At Versele-Laga, we are on the right track: currently, more than 75% of our Versele-Laga products are already packaged in recyclable materials.

We are determined to tackle the rest in the near future as well. Our nutrition and packaging experts are working closely together to make adjustments that both maintain the quality of our products and increase recyclability.

We aim for:

  • mono-material packaging;
  • paper bags; and
  • materials that consumers can separate themselves so that they end up in the right waste streams.

Once packaging becomes recyclable, we will communicate this clearly on our packaging wherever possible (cf. the sustainability/recyclability icon).
Our goal is to offer all our Versele-Laga products in recyclable packaging by 2025.


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Collaboration & charity sponsorship

To strengthen and protect the unique bond between humans and pets, Versele-Laga structurally supports social projects of organisations that share the same values.

We are committed to biodiversity conservation without limits, thanks to more than 20 years of collaboration with the Loro Parque Fundación. This foundation funds around 200 projects that protect the most endangered ecosystems around the world. In particular, 12 parrot species have already been saved from extinction, for example.

We believe it is important to do our bit for society and take responsibility. A good example of this is the many international and local initiatives that we are involved in.


Together with our external transport partners, we strive for optimised transport routes to minimise the environmental impact of our product movements.

Our transporters committed to upgrade their fleets to 100% Euro-6 engines as soon as possible and we aim to reduce empty runs.

We also have the advantage that the Deinze plant is located on a waterway (the Lys). That made the supply of raw materials by water possible. To encourage transport by water, the river was widened in the 1970s and a turning basin was built near the plant where boats could turn. Currently, a third of our raw materials are transported by water, which inherently has lower CO2 emissions than road transport.


Versele-Laga strives for sustainable personnel management with various initiatives:

  • We strive to attract local talent to minimise the travel distance between home and work.
  • We encourage employees to use bicycles more often with a well thought-out bicycle plan.
  • We have started the transition to 'full electric' vehicles in our fleet. A total of 20 charging stations have already been provided, which are also available to the wider community.
  • We embrace diversity and offer equal opportunities to all our team members.
  • Where feasible, our colleagues can work flexibly, with the possibility of 6 days' working from home per month, on top of flexible working hours.
  • We encourage a healthy lifestyle where exercise is central:
    • Every year we organise the Versele-Laga Run, a running event in which employees participate together.
    • Each year we support the Versele-Laga Classic, an MTB and bike ride, where colleagues enjoy a fun day of cycling together.
    • Our cooperation with KDTC in Deinze enables employees to play padel together at the club every week.
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