What is our ambition?

Pets are our world. Nurturing the bond that people share with them, is why we give everything we’ve got every day. Every 2 seconds a pet owner is taking care of his pet or performance animal with our quality products.

With the best expertise in animal nutrition and care, customers and end customers keep animals fitter and healthier. No matter the age or breed you’ve got at home. This is how we also want to become your brand of preference.

At Versele-Laga, we all share the same passion: nurturing the bond between people and pets with the best nutrition and care brand products.

Pet parent or breeder? This is what we’ve got for you:

• Quality nutritional and care products that are healthy, balanced, versatile and scientifically proven. We always put the needs of animals first.
• Respect for your unique relationship with your pet and the specific needs that you both share. With over 2100 products, we get the best out of your bond.
• Everything to help you care for you pets: from powerful products to reliable information, tips and tricks on nutrition and care.

Business partner? Expect:

• A professional collaboration strengthened by quality products and services.
• A broad portfolio of products for nutrition and care, with which you can offer your customers and their pets lots of added value.
• Continued support throughout the whole purchasing and selling process with clear information from a transparent, stable and dedicated partner.
• 360° support thanks to in- and out-of-store materials to sell our products as best and as much as possible: for healthy animals and carefree customers!

(Future) Employee? Prepare for:

• An inspiring and challenging work environment, with lots of opportunities to grow and develop yourself.
• A growing family business with international reach and an untameable passion for animals
• Team spirit with a can-do, will-do and do mentality, and this through sporting events everybody -co-worker or not- can participate in.

This is how we support society:

• By taking our responsibility to improve the wellbeing of pets and people.
• Providing support for projects that support people and animals. We care, especially for the animal community.
• Supporting the local community through many different sporting events like the Versele-Laga Easter Tournament, Versele-Laga Run, Versele-Laga Classic and the Versele-Laga Adventure Run.
• Sponsoring local sports clubs: athletics (AC Deinze), basketball (LDP Donza), tennis (Kdtc) and football (KMSK Deinze & KFC Sparta Petegem).
• Sponsoring decathlon athlete and Deinze resident Thomas van der Plaetsen: sports hero driven by the same family values, passion and love for animals.

Our story

From a small family company to an international specialist in quality pet nutrition and care? Only with the right passion and care. Ever since 1932.

Our Values

Every day, we get up early to nurture the bond between you and your pet. Discover the 4 pillars of our passion for humans and animals.

Our difference

From a parrot shelter on Tenerife to schools training guide dogs: discover how people and pets help each other with our continued support. And become part of the difference.