Glucose + Vitamins

Dextrose enriched with vitamins

Glucose enriched with vitamins to promote recovery after flying or illness.

  • Provides quick energy after exhaustion
  • Promotes recovery after a heavy flight
  • Enhances the taste and increases the intake of fluids after administering medication

Available in

  • 400 g (EAN5410340600931)


glucose (99.6%), sodium chloride

Analytical constituents

crude protein 0%, crude fibre 0%, crude fat 0%, crude ash 0.2%, lysine 0%, methionine 0%, sodium 0.08%


Nutritional additives

3a672a vitamin A 50000 IU, 3a821 vitamin B1 10 mg, vitamin B2 960 mg, 3a831 vitamin B6 20 mg, 3a314 niacin 150 mg

Technological additives

E310 propyl gallate 7 mg

Directions for use

2 to 5 level tablespoons "Glucose + Vitamins per litre of drinking water or Oropharma Colombine Tea
Give on the day of arrival.
Freshen solution daily.