Cod-liver oil capsules enriched with vitamin E

Cod-liver oil capsules with extra vitamin E to promote fertility during the breeding period.

  • Promotes the skeleton development in youngsters
  • Ideal during the breeding season
  • It supports fertility and stimulates the drive in widowers

Available in

  • 300 cap (EAN5410340600825)


cod-liver oil (63.8%), gelatine

Analytical constituents

crude protein 18.12%, crude fibre 18.20%, crude fat 0.05%, crude ash 0.03%, lysine 7886 mg/kg, methionine 1126 mg/kg, sodium < 100 mg/kg


Nutritional additives

3a700 vitamin E 38723 mg

Directions for use

1 capsule administered directly in the beak
- in the breeding period: give daily from 8 days before pairing until the second egg is laid
- during the racing season: the last 3 days before basketing
- young growing pigeons twice a week


Can also be used in older pigeons to stimulate fertility