Liver tonic

Unique mixture of sulphuric amino acids, biotin, sorbitol and vitamin B12. To enhance and support the moulting and improve the liver function.

  • Enhances the metabolism and activates digestion
  • Helps stimulate the liver function
  • Enhances production and quality of the new plumage

Available in

  • 500 ml (EAN5410340805237)


liquid sorbitol, saccharose

Analytical constituents

crude protein 3.06%, crude fibre 0%, crude fat 0.18%, crude ash 0%, lysine 0 mg/kg, methionine 19225 mg/kg, sodium 109 mg/kg


Nutritional additives

choline (choline chloride) 30928 mg, biotin 19.2 mg, vitamin B12 19.2 mg

Directions for use

2 bottle tops (10 ml) per litre of drinking water
- In the moulting period: 2 days a week
- After a course of antibiotics: 5 consecutive days


At the beginning of the moulting and racing period an 8-day course is advised. Also after administering medication, a 5-day course with B-Chol is advised.