Feeding the strong bond between dogs and owners, that is what we are going for.

You and your dog form a unique unit. You understand each other without the need for words; you are friends; companions for life. At Opti Life we do all we can to ensure you can both enjoy carefree quality time together and it all starts with a happy and healthy dog.


1 animal protein source

No artificial odours, colours or flavours

With pure en tasty ingredients

With natural antioxidants

Vitamins en minerals that increase the dog's general defences.


With rice, no corn or wheat

High % animal protein

At least 73% of our proteins are of animal origin


Opti Life Prime is an incredibly rich and delicious premium meal, packed with powerful nutrients. Our grain-free recipe contains mainly animal ingredients and is also rich in proteins and fats and low in carbohydrates. Chunks full of energy for a day full of adventure and completely in line with your dog's natural nutritional needs!

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Health Care projects

In the health care sector, dogs play an important role and in future animals will be used more and more often in that role. We also like to support care initiatives.

"My dogs have a shiny coat and a good condition."

I've been a hobby breeder of beagles for 15 years now. My dogs have won championship titles in several countries. These results are not only due to a sound breeding programme, but also a balanced diet! For 17 years, my dogs have been eating Versele-Laga, food that meets my requirements as a breeder. - Annie Gijsemans

"Our bulldog with chronic gastroenteritis is doing great with your chunks."

Our bulldog with chronic gastroenteritis is doing great with your chunks. Since we have been using them, he does not need prednisone anymore. For at least 6 years, he has been eating Hill's Diet Prescription, which are only available from the vet, plus half a prednisone a day. Me and also Ydeb are happy with the result. - Yvonne Stroop