Which bird food is best to give in each season?

Birds follow a foraging route in search of food. If you provide them with bird food in your garden, they will also make a pit stop there while on their way to greener pastures. If you can’t offer food, they simply look for an alternative. So give them food all year round. Rest assured, it will certainly not make them lazy. But which bird food is best to give them in which season?


Summer: bird food also welcome

You can also feed birds during the summer. Because of intensive agriculture and urbanization, a bird can certainly use your help. You can, for example, give them a varied mixture, supplemented with a rich insect or berry mix. Make sure that you do not serve high-fat food in this season. Even if they eat like a bird. 

At the same time, it is also crucial in this period to offer birds water. Birds both bathe in it and drink from it. Change the water every day, so that you don’t give germs a chance to spread in the drinking bowl. Remember you want a colony of birds, not a colony of germs. 


Autumn: bird food for reserves

In the fall, birds prepare for the colder months. You can give them a boost with fatty bird food to help them feather their nests. Unsalted peanuts is like an energy bar for garden birds. Mix in some seeds or nuts for an extra kick. Also hang a suet ball somewhere. Or give them a mixture with mealworms and energy pellets, as it helps birds to maintain their body temperature.


Winter: food and water necessary

Winter is, and will remain, the most difficult season for garden birds, because nothing grows in the garden and the landscape may be snowed-under. This is when you should take them under you wing - give them energy-rich, fatty winter food. Boiled potatoes, pasta or rice (no salt!). Apples and pears cut in half are very much appreciated. Make sure nothing is left behind, though, because this is how you attract mice and rats. In winter, also provide fresh water, with some sugar in it so that the drinking bowl does not freeze.


Spring: gain strength

At first glance, spring may seem like an abundant period, but appearances can be deceiving. During this season, seeds are difficult to find as insects only start to appear when it’s really nice and warm. But in the meantime, many birds are already eagerly looking for a partner, building a nest and laying eggs. In the spring, they therefore need calcium and protein-rich bird food. Finely ground oyster shells - a source of calcium - help them produce firm eggshells.


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