4 reasons why you should disinfect your small mammal's hutch or cage after cleaning it

Cleaning your small mammal's hutch or cage is not exactly a fun activity. A clean living environment is, however, of vital importance for the health of your pet. A regular, thorough cleaning of your hutch or cage and regularly laying new bedding are of course a must. When you have emptied out the hutch or cage and when you start your cleaning, it should be done thoroughly. Use the opportunity to disinfect everything thoroughly, in addition to cleaning the hutch or cage.

4 reasons to disinfect after cleaning

  1. Cleaning the hutch or cage does not suffice to stop disease from being transferred. Disinfecting after a cleaning is important to prevent the transfer of germs.
  2. Besides the hutch or cage themselves, the toys of your small mammal can also contain germs. They should also be disinfected after a good cleaning.
  3. Your small mammal's cage or hutch could be a source of fungi. Fungal infections like ringworm could transfer from animals to humans. Disinfect Spray is also active against fungi and spores.
  4. Do you also have a carrier? Do not forget to clean and disinfect it too. This way you prevent transfer of germs through these kind of cages.

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