Disinfect Spray

What to do when germs are threatening your pigeons?

Pigeon fanciers often are confronted with disease among their pigeons. To prevent these diseases, such as adenovirus, from breaking out, you need to prevent the germs from spreading among your pigeons. For this, you should clean and disinfect your shoes or Wellingtons and also the cleaning equipment in the loft. 

If you have exhibition pigeons, you should clean and disinfect your transport boxes after every show. Exhibitions are places where pigeons come together and easily cause cross-contamination. A golden tip to prevent disease: disinfect the transport boxes and other materials.

Everyone knows that bird flu exists by now. Your pigeons, too, can get infected with this virus through contact with other animals. And even though the will not get sick themselves, they can transmit the virus. Disinfect Spray is the official disinfectant in the case of bird flu. You can also use Disinfect Spray to disinfect preventively.

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