Broiler chickens

If you want to breed broilers, it’s best to choose heavier chicken breeds with strong meat growth such as the Mechelen cuckoo, the Belgian fighters, Jersey Giant, Orpinton, Cochin, Brahma, ...

The ideal environment for broilers

Broilers require more attention and care than laying hens. For example, the living space of broilers must be kept sufficiently dry to make them less susceptible to diseases. This can be done by providing them with a well-ventilated but draft-free and dry loft with bedding scattered on the ground.

In terms of hygiene in the chicken coop, it’s important to disinfect the coop, regularly remove the manure and change the drinking water daily. The loft must also be large enough. After all, the chickens need a shelter large enough to protect them in bad weather. When you raise broilers from birth, you must ensure a sufficiently high ambient temperature of 28 to 30 degrees.

Food for broiler chickens

It’s important to give broilers a balanced feed from the start to guarantee optimal growth, good health and beautiful meat. A protein-rich feed stimulates meat growth. After a few weeks, the rearing flour may be supplemented with fine grains. Also provide plenty of fresh water and a portion of grit. After all, chickens have no teeth. In order to properly digest the absorbed food, they ingest small stones and grit in their stomach.

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