Chick feed: the best food to give your chicks as they grow

Do you have chicks? Sweet aren't they? The only question is: what do you give them so that they grow into healthy chickens? Follow our advice!

Do you have chicks? Cute, aren’t they?! But what chick feed is best to give those little fluffy balls so that they grow into healthy chickens and lay good eggs, with a good egg weight and a strong shell? Follow our step-by-step advice.

What do they eat from week 1 until the first egg?

Starting from their first day of life, chicks can eat crumbs such as the Gold 1&2 Mash or Gold 1&2 Crumble. This chick feed is perfectly tailored to their needs: easy to eat and with just the right amount of energy and protein for optimal growth without making your chicks fat.

Which food is best after the first egg is laid?

Chickens start laying eggs when they are around 4.5 months old. From then on, it’s best to shift to feed that support smooth and productive egg laying. Both our pellets and mash for the laying period contain all the necessary ingredients, minerals and vitamins for regular laying, a firm eggshell, rapid egg weight development and good general support for your chickens. Again, the advantage of pellets is that your animals are sure to get all the necessary nutrients because they can’t be picky and go for their preferred food.

At this point, it's time to crack some tasty eggs!

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