How to get off to the right start with koi

The social, peaceful koi completely embodies beauty and grace. Caring for these spellbinding fish is relatively easy, but they need a sufficiently large pond to live. How do you get started on their habitat? And what’s the optimal way to feed them?

The pond for your koi should be sturdy; accessible and easy to maintain; and large (and deep) enough for the number of fish you want to keep. You can also keep the fish in both heated and unheated ponds.

It’s up to you how you organize and decorate your koi pond. Avoid poisonous plants and sharp objects to keep your fish healthy and safe. Be sure to install a filtration system - mechanical, biological, chemical - or a combination of the three. Be well informed before installing a system. If you make the right choice right away, you will save unnecessary costs in the long-run.

How do you feed koi?

To make sure your koi get everything they need, give them the best extruded pellets. They also contain vitamin C and β-glucans for a stronger immune system and spirulina algae and β-carotene for more beautiful natural colouring. Occasionally, you can alternate with fresh foods, treats, and dietary supplements.

How much you have to feed your koi depends on the season and/or the temperature of the water. Chances are your koi live in an unheated pond. If this is the case, then the fish are most active in the summer and eat little in the winter. Do you keep them in a heated pond? Then you can give them the same amount of food all year round, because they don’t have to adapt to the changing water temperature.

Did you know...?

In Japan, the koi symbolizes happiness, wellbeing and prosperity. The oldest koi that ever lived was the Japanese fish Hanako. He died in 1977 at the ripe old age of 226!

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