Puppy food: give your pup the right food at every age

What’s cuter than the birth of small animals such as puppies? Difficult to beat. But sometimes not all births go according to plan. If the mother dog gives birth to many puppies and can't provide enough milk for all her little ones, or if the mom doesn't survive birth (let's not go there) you might have to feed a puppy yourself. Here’s our schedule and advice.

During the first weeks of life, it’s imperative that you give the puppy a fully-fledged milk substitute as food. For the first two weeks, bottle feed. Then teach them to drink from a bowl. Clean the bowl after every meal, because your puppies are very vulnerable during the first few weeks.

Puppy food as good as breast milk

It’s important you choose a milk substitute with a composition that resembles that of breast milk, for example Puppy Milk from Oropharma. This easily digestible, powdered milk is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids and amino acids such as taurine. These acids support the immune system and development of your cuddly canines. This way they are less likely to develop allergies.

Puppy milk, also for nursing mothers

Puppy Milk is the perfect solution if your puppies come from too large a litter or if they have lost their mother. But you can also give the milk to the pregnant or nursing mother herself, as a supplement to her diet. This way you also give her a nutritional boost. Sprinkle the powdered milk over the mother's food or mix it with a little water.

On to solid food for your puppy

After sixteen days, the mother's milk production decreases. This is the time to switch to solid food. It’s best to do this gradually so as not to disrupt the sensitive digestive system of the little ones.

Opti Life Baby, for example, has been specially designed to get puppies used to eating solid food. The basic ingredients are rice and chicken. Preparing the meal is a breeze: add water, stir and it’s ready. The result? A yummy and easily digestible porridge that your puppy finds super tasty. Make Opti Life Baby in small portions to prevent the leftover porridge from drying out.

Oh, those first chunks ...

After about a month, switch to dog food such as Opti Life Puppy. This is the first kibble your puppy will eat. It’s made from rice and chicken and your puppy will find it so delicious it will wolf it down.
Opti Life Puppy is available in different varieties: Mini for the small breeds, Medium for medium breeds and Maxi for ... (you get the idea). For dogs with sensitive digestive systems, choose Opti Life Puppy Sensitive with salmon and rice.

How much should you give per day? That depends on the age and weight of your growing pup. You can find the exact quantities on the product pages of the dog food. Regardless, always provide enough fresh drinking water.

Is your puppy around ten months old? Then it’s time to gradually switch to adult dog food.

That's how you do right, with our plan!

Wondering how much powdered milk to feed a puppy during those first few weeks? Or how many meals they should be eating per day if you switch to solid food?

Download our handy feeding schedule

After sixteen days, the mother's milk production decreases. This is the time to switch to solid food.

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