Is it a bad thing that my dog eats grass?

No, in general, it is not a bad thing if your dog eats grass. All dogs occasionally eat grass. When they catch their prey, wild dogs and wolves also first eat the intestines. As they mainly hunt herbivores, the gastrointestinal contents will consist of vegetables. It is thus nothing unusual.

Why do dogs eat grass?

Why dogs eat grass is not really known. They may find grass and especially the chewing activity fun and enjoyable. We know that dogs eat grass to produce a vomiting reflex. Your dog can look at you wilfully to be allowed to go outside. Once he is outside, he begins to eat grass like crazy and not much later he will vomit. Dogs do this because they do not feel well, for example, they have eaten something wrong and want it out of their bodies as soon as possible.

Pay attention anyway?

In general, eating grass is harmless and you do not need to worry about it. However, do take note when your dog suddenly starts to eat a lot of grass and not throw up. If you are worried, then consult your vet. You, of course, also have to pay attention to which grass your dog is eating.

• Grass that is fertilised or sprayed can be dangerous to your dog, so watch out that your dog does not eat this.
• It is also not without danger if your dog eats grass that he encounters during a walk. After all, it can contain worm eggs that were deposited by other dogs in their stool. Therefore, do not forget to deworm your dog several times a year.
• Also take care that your dog, besides grass, does not start to eat any other plants. Some plants or bushes are poisonous for dogs, think of yew, rhododendron, foxglove, etc.

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