Cool cats: How to help your cat in hot summer weather

Already thinking about summer? Before the warm weather arrives, follow our tips to keep your cat cool and help cool it down so it doesn't get too hot.

As long as it isn't sweltering, your cat probably enjoys basking in the sun like a lion in the savannah. But in the heat of summer it can get too hot, and when that happens, there’s the risk of burning, heat exhaustion and dehydration. So how can you help your cat beat the heat? Follow our crucial tips for keeping your cool cat, cool.

Enough shade

Provide plenty of shade both inside and outside for your cat to seek out if the weather gets too hot. Keep the curtains closed in at least one room so that it stays cooler for longer throughout the day. Open the door to a dark hallway or bathroom where your cat can cool off on the tiles. If your cat is outside in warm weather, make sure it can always get back inside.

Drinking water anytime, anywhere

In addition to shade, your cat should always have fresh drinking water available at various places in and around the house, which you should change several times a day. In hot weather you can keep the water extra cool by adding an ice cube. And one of our best tips for keeping your cat cool? Put a bowl of water in a place that can get wet, it’s a great place for the cat to get its feet wet!

Lubrication against burns

Does your cat want to go outside in the hot summer weather, and are her ears or head light-colored? Then your pet can burn. So first cover it’s ears or head with a sunscreen that’s suitable for pets before your cat ventures out into the great outdoors.

Too hot? Better cool off inside

If it really gets too hot, it's better to keep your cat indoors to prevent problems. Then leave your cat in a cool room. You can also keep your cat refreshed by wetting its fur. Or put a cooling mat on its sleeping or resting place, this will also keep your cat cool during hot weather in the summer!

Have any tips for keeping your cat cool?

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