Breeding Parrots: 6 tips from Tony Silva

Breeding parrots? Then Tony Silva is one of the best authorities out there. Watch 6 of his videos, full of tips, tricks and secrets to breeding birds!

Do you follow all the best tips & tricks of the well-known ornithologist Tony Silva for breeding parrots? We collected six of his top tips for successfully breeding your birds.

1. How to provide the best nesting places

In the wild, many parrots build their nests in specific places. So you need to adjust your breeding schedule so that the birds you want to breed with will nest in it effectively. What’s the best way to do this, and what are additional ways to increase the chance of success? Follow Tony Silva’s tips for optimally raising parrots from birth.

2. How to optimally feed during breeding season

To get the parrots ready during breeding season, Tony Silva gives his birds this multivitamin mix, but also these probiotics and calcium. What do you need to know about them? And are there other foods that are best to give macaws, African gray parrots and other species to breed help them breed successfully?

3. How to avoid problems in the incubator

Have baby birds hatched? To raise them well and in a healthy way in an incubator, it is crucial that you keep the container and the small birds perfectly clean. Our favorite ornithologist tells you how, again with more useful tips for breeding parrots.

4. What’s the best way to serve food by hand?

Time to feed the tiny young birds! How do you prepare hand-reared food, such as NutriBird A19, and what’s the right temperature? And what’s the best way to keep it warm during feeding so that the baby birds accept it?

5. How do you feed a hatchling hand-reared food with a spoon?

You can easily give hand-reared food to the baby birds with a spoon. Want to know the reasons for doing this, which spoon is best to use, and how to properly feed the birds with it? Get more tips from Tony Silva.

6. What’s the best way to feed adult parrots?

Tony Silva previously gave you feeding tips for successfully breeding parrots during breeding season. But which food is best to give them outside the breeding period? It’s always important to have a balanced mix of pellets and beta-carotene-rich vegetables, supplemented with nuts and seeds for tropical birds or South American parrots. Tony Silva will teach you how to best combine all this.

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