Why opt for Complete?

First choice of experts

Complete is the best choice for your animal. Our specialists know that. And many veterinarians, too. Let your small mammal enjoy Complete and it will surely think of you as an expert!

Top score in taste tests

Complete tastes like the best. There is no question about it. Let your animal taste the delicious pellets and no doubt it will be convinced immediately!

All nutrients in one pellet

Complete are extruded pellets. Through this production process all specific minerals, nutrients, vitamins... ...for your animal can be processed into one crunchy pellet. For rabbits and herbivores a composition with extra grasses and herbs, whereas omnivorous rodents are served (animal) proteins ... This way each animal gets all its essential nutrients through one pellet.

Prevents selective eating behaviour

Every pellet is identical. This way your small mammal will not be able to be picky about a certain ingredient in its daily diet. And you can be sure that he gets all the right nutrients in his body every day. Day after day.

Scientific health formula

The health of our pets always prevails! Complete has therefore been carefully composed by both nutritional experts and veterinarians with years of experience. This is how the scientifically composed extrudates form a pellet to rely on every time.

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