Why do we wake up at the crack of dawn every day?

In short: your pet, his specific needs and the relationship you both share. That’s why we do this. Our experts gladly guide you to the right feed and care for your animal, whichever life phase it’s in. These are our 4 pillars, each and every one of them driven by our passion for people and pets.



• Respect for every animal and human being. Whether you’re the owner, breeder, business partner or colleague.
• Understanding each other’s needs and differences, personal and professional. Everyone is different, that’s what makes life worth living. 
• The belief that by listening to one another and to open up to our differences, we make the best choices and reach new frontiers. 



• A boundless drive for all pets and the bond with their owners. Each and every day. 
• Inspiring one another continuously by learning from each other. That’s how we provide people and pets with the best possible products and service. 



• Together, we care for the well-being of pets, their owners and the special bond they share with each other. 
• Contributing to society by organising multiple projects for people and animals, sporting events and sponsoring local sports clubs. 



• Doing things better every day by sharing knowledge and know-how. All to stimulate new ideas and possibilities. 
• Continuously striving for improvement and renewal to live up to our ambitions. 
• Sharing our expertise with owners, so they can care optimally for their animals. For a relationship with little worries and lots of love. 

Our Ambition

Pets are our world. That’s why we care for both them and their caregivers, so pet owners everywhere get more out of their bond. Because every 2 seconds, someone somewhere feeds an animal with our products.

Our story

From a small family company to an international specialist in quality pet nutrition and care? Only with the right passion and care. Ever since 1932.

Our difference

From a parrot shelter on Tenerife to schools training guide dogs: discover how people and pets help each other with our continued support. And become part of the difference.