Spray to combat (red) mites, fleas and lice

Oropharma Mite-Killer is an effective and ecological mite and flea treatment product. It combats red mites, feather mites, fleas and lice in pigeons, birds and fowl (e.g. ornamental birds and chicken). Mite-Killer physically combats the red mites, does not contain any chemical insecticides and presents no risk of developing resistance.

  • To be used in the birds' aviary, the pigeons' loft or the fowl's pen
  • Don't spray on the animals themselves
  • To be used as preventive treatment and in case of red mites

Available in

  • 500 ml (EAN5410340602263)


synthetic amorphous, silicon dioxide (nano) (CAS 112926-00-8) 1,5% (tech 1,67%)

Directions for use

Clean the bird cage, pigeons loft our chicken coop before treatment.
Spray on perches, in nesting bowed, bottom trays ,... and in all corners, cracks and crevices where pests can hide.
Cover all trays of food and drink carefully during application.
Preventive and curative action. Visible action in 1 day.
Dose: spray until thin white layer gets visible. For best results: spray successively 2 thin layers. Reapply upon a new invasion or when the thin layer or white powder is covered by dust. Can handle 4 - 8 m². Shake well before use.