To support the metabolism and promote the moulting process

  • Optimises the metabolism of fats and proteins
  • Promotes the elimination of harmful substances
  • Ensures optimal growth and perfect plumage structure and pigmentation during the moulting season; helps prevent picking the plumage

Available in

  • 250 ml (EAN5410340602249)


liquid sorbitol, saccharose


Nutritional additives

choline chloride 32175 mg, biotin 20 mg, vitamin B12 20 mg, DL-methionine 20000 mg

Technological additives


Directions for use

2 bottle caps per litre of drinking water or in 500 g of Orlux egg food
- During the moult and show season: two to three times a week
- After administering medication: 5 consecutive days
- On administration of colour pigments for plumage (Oropharma Can-Tax, Oropharma Yel-Lux): two to three times a week
Store in a cool, dark place - Shake before use


For administering via eggfood: mix the dose of Avi-Chol first in the water which will be used to moisten the eggfood until you obtain a homogenous mixture.