"Our bulldog with chronic gastroenteritis is doing great with your chunks."

Since we have been using them, he does not need prednisone anymore. For at least 6 years, he has been eating Hill's Diet Prescription, which are only available from the vet, plus half a prednisone a day. Me and also Ydeb are happy with the result.

Yvonne Stroop

"My dogs have a shiny coat and a good condition."

I've been a hobby breeder of beagles for 15 years now. My dogs have won championship titles in several countries. These results are not only due to a sound breeding programme, but also a balanced diet! For 17 years, my dogs have been eating Versele-Laga, food that meets my requirements as a breeder.

Annie Gijsemans

"We do not need anything else anymore!"

With a pack of 8 dogs of different breeds and ages, coat types and (sport) goals, it has never been easy for me to find the optimal food.  I took the plunge to give Opti Life a chance for my pack, including 5 dogs practising sports at an intensive level, and 3 elderly dogs.

"Now, 18 months later, I can and dare finally speak of a huge success." My sports dogs are in the best condition. On tough competition days, they get enough out of the food to perform at top level and they do not have an extreme thirst, something I really noticed with other chunks. Not a single competition or show goes by where I get compliments on their coat quality. And with the help of Opti Joint, my 12-year-old Malinois can easily get in and out of his basket every day.

Sarah Daems

"I was therefore pleased to hear about the composition of the new Opti Life!"

I take my golden retrievers to national and international shows where they achieve better than good results.

For years I have been feeding my dogs a mix of fresh meat or fish, vegetables, eggs, herbs and fruit, because almost no European commercial dog food on the market meets my requirements. "I was therefore pleased to hear about the composition of the new Opti Life!"

For the first time in years, I am confident to feed my dogs chunks again. And I must say they like them and digest them well. A big step in the right direction! Thank you!

Kathy Braeckman