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Developed by avian vets, scientists and ornithologists, NutriBird offers your birds a complete and balanced all-in-one nutrition, for every bird type at every life stage. The NutriBird formula bundles all essential nutrients in one food formula and offers you the carefree guarantee that your birds are in optimal condition. For these reasons NutriBird is used by top breeders and zoos worldwide. NutriBird offers different types of nutrition: pellets, soft food, liquids and hand-rearing.

Containing all essential nutrients for a complete and  balanced diet

Developed by avian vets, scientists, and ornithologists

Used by top breeders and zoos worldwide

What's new?

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NutriBird just got new wings!

NutriBird packaging design has been refreshed and product offer has been optimized. But quality and product names remain the same. Additionally, you will find Orlux Soft Food and Liquids under the trusted wings of NutriBird. Curious to see the result? Discover the full NutriBird range soon in your pet shop and online.

How to convert your birds to pellets?

Making the switch to extruded pellets is an excellent way to keep your birds in top condition.

Dr. Patrick tells you all about it
Doctor Patrick explains how to get your birds used to eating pellets

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