Perfectly designed and balanced for every connoisseur

Nature is a real delicacy for every rabbit and every sort of rodent. Each mixture is designed specifically for your pet and is made up of natural ingredients full of healthy vitamins and minerals. 

Because it’s high in fibre and low in starch the food gives your rabbit or other herbivore strong teeth and a healthy metabolism. The Nature varieties designed for omnivorous rodents are made with fruit and vegetables and enriched with mealworms to provide animal protein. 

Every mixture is completely free of colourings, flavourings and preservatives – exactly as your pet prefers.

You treat your pet to a five-star meal with Nature every day.

A variety of delights for every moment

Nature Original is the absolute classic muesli for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

Each mixture is packed full of ingredients taken straight from nature: grasses and herbs, seeds, vegetables and fruit to ensure not just strong teeth and a healthy metabolism, but shiny fur and robust good health.

So you can rely on your pet getting all the right nutrients for a carefree healthy life. And better still: your pet will love the huge variety of ingredients.

Nature Original is the perfect choice to pamper your pet on a daily basis.