The vision of Prudent Versele

We're in 1932. Great-grandfather Prudent Versele leads a small family company with only a garden restaurant and a grocery shop. It doesn’t take long before he sees the potential. His dream is to produce quality-compound fodder and launch it on the market. Very soon, he makes it happen.

The fodder of Versele gains popularity. Only five years later, he could hardly meet the enormous demand. That is when he decided to build his first fodder plant in the Belgian city of Deinze.

His success quickly grew in the following years. The factory continued to expand, becoming one of the most modern and efficient in its time.

Quality nutrition tailored to every animal

It’s not just the Versele family that gave it their all to create top quality nutrition. Their employees shared this burning ambition. And very quickly, Versele-Laga also made quality compound feed for pigeons, dogs, horses and farm animals. Not surprising, because from the 70s onwards, more families raised pets in their own homes.

Versele-Laga is an international producer of quality nutrition and care products for pets and performance animals.

Expertise all over the world

Today, more than 15.5 million animals in over 86 countries enjoy Versele-Laga pet nutrition. Because after the expansion to Western and Eastern Europe, our assortment reached China and the US in 2010.

With a wide variety of over 2100 balanced and carefully composed nutrition and care products, animal lovers everywhere keep their young and older pets active, fit and healthy. All thanks to our shared passion for animals, scientific research and the latest market evolutions.


Beating heart in Deinze

Versele-Laga has grown into an international manufacturer of pet nutrition and care products with seven factories in Europe, one in China and two in the United States. Versele-Laga sells its products worldwide in more than 86 countries.

At the same time, we remain a local family company, true to its roots in Deinze, a place where our employees share the same ambition: going the extra mile to keep every animal healthy and active, nomatter the age, breed or type. And this through carefully composed pet nutrition and care products. That is how we make the bond with your animal better every day!

Our Ambition

Animals are our world. That’s why we care for both them and their caregivers, so pet owners everywhere get more out of their bond. Because every 2 seconds, someone somewhere feeds an animal with our products.

Our Values

Every day, we get up early to nurture the bond between you and your pet. Discover the 4 pillars of our passion for humans and animals.

Our difference

As caregiver and guide for pets and the owners that take care of them, we want to strengthen and protect this unique bond. We do this by taking our responsibility in social projects with organisations that share the same values. And by playing our part in bird preservation initiatives. From a parrot shelter in Tenerife to a guide dog school in Genk.