For Opti Life, we work with pure, simple ingredients. This way your dog gets the right nutrients.

Powerful animal proteins

At least 73% of our proteins are of animal origin. They are tastier, easier to digest and are biologically more valuable than vegetable proteins. The perfect basis for healthy dog food.

Lamb, chicken and salmon: the best in our chunks

These high-quality and tasty sources of protein are easy to digest and form the basis of a healthy diet, a beautiful physique and optimal growth. Our "Chicken & Rice" chunks only contain animal protein from chicken and egg. Very nutritious and highly digestible.

Rice, ideal for easy digestion

Our feed is only based on rice, and no other cereals. A high-quality and easily digestible ingredient that significantly reduces the risk of food intolerance.

No gluten, no allergies

Our feed does not contain any gluten-containing grains and are therefore hypoallergenic. In addition, we do not add artificial odours, colours or flavours.


Healthy chunks for a happy dog

You and your dog form a unique unit. You understand each other without the need for words; you are friends; companions for life. Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend; it may be clichéd, but it’s true. At Opti Life we do all we can to ensure you can enjoy carefree quality time together with your companion.

Feeding the strong bond between dogs and owners, that is what we are going for.

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