Opti Life Baby

Our colleague Guy's Border collie recently gave birth to six puppies. Time for us to take a good look at their nutrition.

The ideal start

The puppies were born in a golden basket with a supermum. This was Fleur's first litter, and her maternal instinct immediately kicked in. Mother's milk still is the ideal start to life, and the puppies could drink it to their hearts' content.

TIP: If your litter is too big, or if the mother does not produce enough milk, Oropharma Pet Milk is the perfect milk replacer.

Opti Life Baby, the first step to solid food

When the pups got a little older, we also changed their feed, so they were switched to Opti Life Baby, a liquid weaning food that meets the needs of growing pups. It is the first step to solid food, and it can be given as early as two to three weeks after birth. Mix the powder with water and you get a tasty porridge. Ideal to teach pups to lick their food instead of suckling with the mother.


5 reasons why Opti Life Baby offers your puppy the best support 
  1. It gradually gets your dog used to solid food.
  2. It supports the intestinal function:
    The intestines of puppies are not yet fully developed. They all benefit from an easily digestible diet, which also provides extra support for their intestinal flora.
    Opti Life Baby is a food in which at least 75% of the proteins in the composition are of animal origin. Combined with rice these ensure a smooth digestion and a good consistency of the droppings.
  3. The extremely appetizing composition does not contain any wheat or maize, so it is gluten free.
  4. It supports resistance:
    The puppies are in full development and like to explore. The addition of natural antioxidants (rosemary and tocopherols) and extra vitamins C and E to Opti Life Baby, strengthens the puppies' natural resistance. This gives them the best protection against germs in the environment! In order to keep the risk of infection to a minimum, we have introduced a new product to the market: Oropharma Disinfect Spray. Click here for more information.
  5. Opti Life Baby also has an exceptional formulation with pro- and prebiotics that additionally support the puppies' intestinal flora.

What is the difference between a probiotic and a prebiotic?

Most feeds do not contain any probiotics. With Opti Life Baby, this is a great benefit. If the intestinal flora is optimally balanced, the stools will soon be well formed.

How to prepare Opti Life Baby:

Mix equivalent volumes of Opti Life Baby and water. You will obtain a porridge of ideal consistency. Tip: prepare only small quantities of Opti Life Baby to prevent dehydration. This way it will keep its taste and freshness.

The next step after Opti Life Baby

We advise to give the puppies Opti Life Baby for two weeks. Afterwards the porridge can be gradually replaced by Opti Life Puppy, chunks with chicken or salmon adapted to the size of the puppies and their adult body weight.

TIP: at this point, you can also give the dietary supplement Opti Coat. The salmon oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is a great benefit for puppies, because it contributes to good brain development. The puppies will learn faster and better.
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