A healthy life starts with a balanced lifestyle

Who wouldn´t want his dog to be full of vitality and glow with health?

A balanced lifestyle keeps your dog in optimal shape. A daily balance between the right elements, that is what makes your dog shine:

° fresh drinking water

° sufficient exercise

° balanced food

° hygienic housing

° plenty of love and attention

° and now and then a small treat

That balanced food, that is what we want to help you with. That is why we developed Opti Life. The food that ensures your dog to be in optimal condition.

What is a balanced food?

Every day your dog needs the right amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and several other nutrients. Al these required nutrients are incorporated in a balanced way in a well-balanced dog food.

A dog is a meat lover (carnivore) by nature and therefore prefers animal proteins in its diet. Animal proteins are tastier, easier to digest and especially biologically more valuable than vegetable proteins. Your dog will absorb all essential amino acids faster from animal proteins than from vegetable proteins. That is why at least 65% of the proteins present in Opti Life food are of animal origin.

There is currently a lot of research into alternatives for wheat and maize as sources of carbohydrates. These ingredients sometimes cause food intolerances or skin problems. A high-quality alternative is rice, which is easily digestible, significantly reduces the risk of food intolerances and it is also a natural source of antioxidants. Opti Life food therefore contains no maize or wheat but rice.

And also the sensitive dog can lead a life full of vitality with Opti Life. The use of mainly one source of animal protein per formula will reduce the risk of food intolerances. In addition, Opti Life does not contain any gluten so that food allergies can be prevented more effectively.

With Opti Life you can quickly see on the outside what Opti Life does on the inside!

Opti Life has been carefully put together from the highest quality, tastiest and natural ingredients based on your dog’s nutritional needs. Opti Life does not contain any artificial odours, colours or flavours. Additional attention has been paid to the digestion and consistency of the droppings of the Opti Life foods.

With Opti Life your dog will quickly be in an optimal condition which you will notice quickly because of the shiny coat, wet nose, sparkling eyes, easy digestion and good dental health. Opti Life, and it shows!

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