More unprocessed natural ingredients combined with blended pellets and closer to the original Nature recipe

The Nature mixes for your animal are now even closer to what they would eat in their natural habitat. This means a wider range of tastes & textures and vitamins & minerals, making Nature the perfect way to combat tooth wear and promote good digestion.

The crunchy fibre pellets and extra Timothy hay stems provide essential fibre. These fibre pellets, packed with grass and herbs, are now even crunchier. The new Nature products do not contain any grains, so you can be sure that you are feeding your animal a healthy low-starch meal each and every day, one that is free of preservatives and artificial colours and flavours.

In September 2019, we improved the tastiness of the new Nature with an additional three major changes:

  1. Closer to the original Nature recipe.
    We’ve once again added bananas, apples, sunflower seeds and more. These are ingredients that animals enjoy and recognise from the previous Nature mix.

  2. More unprocessed, natural elements.
    We’ve added even more natural elements instead of extrudates. Even with this lower percentage of extrudates, a complete and balanced diet is still guaranteed.

  3. More variety of ingredients
    The animal feed now contains an even wider range of ingredients. We selected the fruit and vegetable ingredients based on taste and the vitamins and minerals they contain.


Rich in vegetables full of vitamins and minerals Grain-free, for a good digestion Long crude fibres for healthy teeth and intestines No preservatives, colours or flavours

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