Nature: new design, improved products

We have given our green Nature packaging a new, fresh look recently. However, not only the packaging has gotten an update...

In the search for tasty and natural feed, healthy choices are becoming more important every day. We want the best, not only for ourselves, but also for our pets. That is why we revised the composition and the shape of the feed for all animals.

Based on nutritional research, new production methods and extensive taste testing, all mixtures for all small mammals were overhauled. The result is a complete feed range full of variation, based on each animal’s natural habitat.

Tastes like home, feels like home

Because for all animals, this nature is their real home. A world where they can eat, play and discover to their hearts’ content. A world full of variation in flavours and textures, full of natural vitamins and minerals. With the overhauled Nature, you give your pet the same rich and nutritious ingredients.

Mixtures tailored specifically to each animal ensure food that is balanced as well as tasty. This way, Nature is the best guarantee for the best care and the healthiest treats for your animal, at any moment.

Nature is a complete range with the best from each animal's unique habitat. A range that perfectly offers what animals would otherwise find in their natural habitat and that makes them feel really good about themselves.

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