We work daily to provide your animal with the tastiest and most nutritious food possible

Healthy choices are key to our joint pursuit of great-tasting and natural food - not only for ourselves, but also for our pets.
That is why we introduced new recipes in late 2018 that are closer to what animals would eat in nature, with greater variety and more natural ingredients.

In response to additional nutritional research, taste tests and feedback from customers, we introduced several new improvements in September. The new & improved Nature now offers a range of species-specific food, snacks and grasses, resulting in a comprehensive, highly varied and well-balanced range of animal feed.


New & improved Nature tastes and feels like home

For animals, their natural habitat is their only true home. In that world, what matters most is good-tasting food, plenty of opportunity for play and non-stop discovery. It is a world full of exciting variation in terms of tastes and textures and packed with natural vitamins and minerals. New & improved Nature brings that world closer to home, with the same rich and nutritious ingredients in a product range that results in happy and satisfied animals.



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