Birds in autumn: what should you pay attention to?

The summer did not want to budge lately, but in the meantime, autumn has arrived for good. We should prepare for low temperatures, a bitter wind, less dense vegetation and less insects. This has an impact for our wild birds, too. Because of urbanisation, they find it increasingly harder to find food in nature, but in winter they are truly put to the test!

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In the autumn and winter it is best to provide high-fat food to get them through the freezing cold nights. Birds need high-fat food at that time to regulate their body temperature.

Time to help them out! Transform your garden into a home for its natural residents and enjoy an animated spectacle throughout the year. It is better to start offering feed mixes, peanuts, sunflower seeds or one of our many other Menu Nature products now. When it gets really cold, you can also offer suet balls and winter feed. This way the birds will get to know your garden, and they will include your garden in their regular feeding round.

6 tips to make your garden more bird-friendly

  1. Feed twice a day: in the morning a savoury breakfast to fill up their energy levels and late in the afternoon to fill their belly to get through the coming night.
  2. Feed in several places if you want to welcome a large variation of birds. This way, more dominant species, like the blackbird, will not scare away the smaller bird species. Some species naturally find their food on the ground, others like to eat from a feeder tray, bird feeder or net. However, you should make sure that the feeding locations are and safe for the birds. This way, they can spot the stalking cat from far away and they can flee in the case of danger.
  3. Are you dreading raking your lawn every week to clear the autumn leaves? Good news, there is a good reason to leave them be for a week! Natural gardens are a real paradise for birds and other garden friends, like hedgehogs, toads, etc. The wren, for example, will look for bugs and spiders in those leaves.
  4. The autumn is also the right time to further develop your garden. In your search for shrubs, think about the birds, too. In fact, you can do them a big favour by planting rowan trees, holly, hawthorn, blackberry bushes and so many more.
  5. Shelter is also key to survive the cold nights. Provide brushwood, ivy or hang a birdbox. Tits, for instance, will gladly use them.
  6. Do not forget to offer water throughout the whole year, even in autumn. Refresh it regularly, so it does not stay frozen. Do not use warm water, because otherwise birds could bathe in it, which is not the best idea in freezing temperatures!
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