Neutered cats are three times more likely to be overweight

It can be real challenge to maintain a healthy body weight for your cat after sterilizing or neutering. They are three times more likely to be overweight because their energy requirements reduces by 10 to 20% while their appetite actually increases. Because they exercise and drink less, they are also more likely to have diabetes and bladder stones. To keep ahead of these problems, it is important to give a special food with fewer calories.

Lara Adult Sterilized crusty chunks help your cat to balance his/her weight. Moreover, this food has a reduced fat content and contains additional plant fibres for quicker satiety.

If your cat likes wet food, you can also opt for Lara Adult Sterilized in a sauce. Combine this with the dry chunks, which induce satiety faster.

Did you know that 60% of pets are overweight?

A FEW TIPS to keep your cat in a good condition:

  • Play with your cat every day, even if you only have fifteen minutes. The additional exercise that your cat will then get, will be beneficial to his/her health and fitness. A special ball that you fill with chunks is also a good way to let him/her move.
  • Always provide fresh drinking water for your cat and preferably in different places. That will excite and encourage him to drink more often.

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