Cat in the spotlight: Ragdoll

There is a good reason why these cats are called ‘Ragdolls’. When you lift a ragdoll cat, her muscles weaken and she relaxes completely. A very endearing characteristic that already gives away the affectionate and sweet character of this cat breed.

The ragdoll is a larger cat breed. For instance, an adult tomcat can easily weigh 6 to 8 kg, a female between 4 and 6 kg. They can grow to three times bigger than a domestic cat. Because they grow this big, they grow slowly and they only reach their full size after three years.

Ragdolls have a good-natured, affectionate and calm character. They are very social and adjust easily. This makes the ragdoll the perfect family cat; she is very good with children and other pets, too. They do not like being alone often and need company from people or other animals.

Their calm character makes them perfect for living in an apartment, if, of course, they get the necessary attention. Just like other cats, they are very playful and incredibly curious about the world.

External features:

  • sturdy build
  • bright blue eyes, even the adult cats
  • wide-set ears
  • fluffy tail
  • silky-smooth, medium-long fur
  • coloured points: The points of the body – e.g. the ears, tail and face, are darker than the rest of the body


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