Playing is showing animals love

Not all pets have a good life. Many dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets even go hungry because their owners cannot make ends meet financially. Although those owners do everything they can, it is often not enough. With our World Animal Day campaign, we donate portions of pet food to charities that help underprivileged pets and their owners.

Donate a portion of pet food

How can you help us? By playing Catch them all! Catch as many packets of pet food as possible and donate 1 portion of pet food to charity. The 10 participants who catch the highest number of packets of pet food will win a tablet or one of 9 Versele-Laga vouchers. Each participant donates 1 portion, but you can try to improve your score without limitation to win a prize!  

Happy pets make for happy owners

You do not just make a pet happy with a portion of pet food, but also its owner. Because every happy and healthy pet gives his owner love, friendship and affection. And warmth and support in difficult times. So, do not hesitate and help us. The campaign runs from 4 to 31 October. We support NPOs in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.


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