Muscle Power: Get Ready To Rumble / Prepare for the battle!

After their successful introduction in cycling and athletics the BCAA supplements are becoming a hot topic in pigeon racing! Improve your pigeons' results with Muscle Power, packed with BCAAs.

What is Muscle Power?

Muscle Power capsules contain BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), three essential amino acids with a with a branched structure: valine, leucine and isoleucine. They each have their specific function:

Leucine: increases muscle mass
Isoleucine: provides an increased energy supply for the muscles
Valine: ensures good muscle building and recovery.

A pigeon body needs those three essential amino acids in order to function well. As a pigeon is not able to produce these amino acids by itself, it needs to get them from an external source. This can be done through feed or dietary supplements.

What are the benefits of Muscle Power?

The benefits of Muscle Power for pigeons are indisputable. With its muscle-building-stimulating and muscle-breakdown-reducing function Muscle Power ensures:

  • Quicker and better muscle building
  • Less muscle damage during flights
  • Better flight results
  • Less fatigue
  • Quicker recovery

How to administer Muscle Power?

Muscle Power can be administered individually:

  • In preparation for the race: the last two days before basketing, in the evening place one Muscle Power capsule per day in the bill
  • For a good and quicker recovery after the race: immediately after returning home, place one Muscle Power capsule in the bill and repeat it the next day.
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