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Loro Parque Fundación

The non-profit foundation was established in 1994 and is closely associated with the famed Loro Parque animal and parrot wildlife park on Tenerife. Loro Parque houses the world’s largest parrot and parakeet collection. The Loro Parque Fundación financially supports various projects around the world to protect the most endangered ecosystems.

By protecting the natural habitat of local parrots, a whole range of animal species can be preserved. At the same time, Loro Parque Fundación organizes educational programmes and conferences, sponsors various research projects and it has its own breeding station: "La Vera". Here reserve populations of critically endangered species are kept. The last resort for parrot species that are endangered! Loro Parque

How does our cooperation work?

In 2002 we committed to a partnership agreement with the Loro Parque Fundación, because we share a vision of active nature conservation. As such, we are each other’s perfect complement.

Through this partnership, the Loro Parque Fundación is able to rely on the much-needed financial resources in the longer term. By the same token, joint consultation meetings are being staged at regular intervals between Loro Parque and our scientists, working together on joint research projects.

What are the advantages for our customers?

Every bird lover can reap the benefits of this cooperation. 6 mixtures for parrots and parakeets were composed, for which we appealed to our nutritionists. After joint research it was decided to categorise all parrots and parakeets into several groups, based on their natural living environment and method of feeding. For each of these groups a specific seed mixture was composed, taking into account the birds' natural eating pattern.

For each sold item, a sum goes to the Fundación. Each year we are able to convince more and more customers to join us in this story. Ever since the start of our cooperation more than 1.7 million Euros were donated! This way the Loro Parque Fundación is able to continue its battle.

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