The Libra cat: You only want one thing: love, lots of love!


Elegant, yearning for love and harmony


Your ultimate goal? Being loved. Your biggest fear? Being lonely. You experience an enormous need for harmony, affection and peace. That's why you do everything you can to please your owner, always want to stay close to him or her and... why you hesitate much. Because which one is the softest: your owner's lap or the delightful pillow?


You receive a lot of tenderness because of your big eyes, your silky coat and of course your sweet and social character. Over and over again you greet your owner with a very pleasant, refined purr. And then to follow him or her closely, with elegant steps, and every time you give the best of yourself. Like an elegant dancer.


The outside world is not your cup of tea. You prefer to keep to the direct vicinity of the cat flap, your owner and his/her soft bed! That's why you have to pay extra attention to your weight. Especially now, right after the summer. Because with the holidays in sight, you will want to show off your body. So your owner should be giving you Lara Adult Indoor, for the less active cat - which is you!


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