The Virgo cat: washing yourself while you keep the overview, that is all you want!


Independent, very fond of cleanliness and good health


Of all the signs of the zodiac, you as a cat are the most independent. So, you certainly build friendships with people, even very close ones, it just takes a little longer. Furthermore, you always investigate when your territory changes. You always want to keep an overview. Even inside, you're very fond of it, as well as a lot of routine.


How much attention do you even pay to cleaning yourself? It's a full-time job! However, you are not able to clean your ears yourself. Your owner attends to that, with Ear Clean wipes. At the same time, he regularly cleans your litter box and removes odours from it, with a Deodo.


By the way, you do not only want to look healthy, you also want to be healthy. That is why -believe it or not- you love going to the vet. And you would like to lose some weight after the summer holidays, so that you get in top form nearing the end of the year. That is why you should spur on your owner to serve you some Lara Indoor. For an optimal condition, even if you are rather less active yourself!


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