Gemini cat: go out into the world!


(In)dependent, playful, full of energy


It’s no coincidence that you were born in May or June, because this season has your name on it! Home is where you stayed in the cold, wet autumn and winter. You explored every nook and cranny at home, because you have unlimited curiosity. But is nature awakening? Time for the incredibly playful and full-of-energy Gemini cat to get out of the house! Hunt for flies in the garden, explore nature ... because you love it: discover and learn new things.


As Gemini cat you are elegant and have a small build, and you have quick and sharp eyes. You are a great seducer! And that's a good thing, because you prefer to always have someone nearby to whom you can meow the whole day (admit it: you are a chatterbox) and someone who can always dedicate himself to you. Although cuddling too much is not so much your thing... you also want to remain independent.


Does your beautiful look suffer from continuous shedding all year round? That could be due, among other things, to your hormones. Urge your owner to regularly add a teaspoon of Opti Hair granules in your bowl. This will make you shed your winter or summer coat in four to six weeks time, like it should.


Thanks to Opti Hair you venture out into nature ever so beautiful. Recently, you have been doing that whenever you want, because your owner invested in a cat flap. Thanks, owner!


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