TAURUS 20/04-20/05


The cat won’t run off on an empty stomach.


Loyal, bon vivant, choosy


The Taurus cat’s motto is: “enjoy life”. This translates in nuzzling and giving paw massages, installing oneself on a free lap or in a bed full of pillows, or even in sleeping with your owner. No wonder you are constantly purring. But even though you seem very easy to be around, you can still be very catty. And then it takes a while until you are calmed down.


You love good food and so you will often keep asking for food. Food is paramount for this gourmet. You will sniff at cheap food; you much prefer cat food with fine ingredients and nuanced flavours. With age, you may have a tendency to gain weight. Lara Senior answers to both needs: the delicious chunks with chicken and turkey flavour are a true taste sensation. They are also perfectly balanced and contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain your weight and condition.


You do not only have a good taste in food, your litter box should also live up to your expectations. Is said litter box not clean and fresh, then you simply don’t use it anymore and relieve yourself elsewhere. Your owner had better get some Versele-Laga premium cat litter.


The ideal Easter gift for this little ball of fur: a very soft and comfy pillow.


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