Scorpio cat: you are a bundle of emotions!


Asks and gives lots of love, does not tolerate other cats


You are filled with emotion and passion. For example, it took a while before you became friends with your owner. But ever since you swore loyalty to him or her, you are in it for life. Conversely, anyone who has ever wronged you will never be okay again. You want lots of attention, and you get very jealous when other pets get some attention too.


You give lots of love, as well. Is your owner sad, then you come walking in purring. Until you are mad, because then your owner should stay far away. That you swore allegiance doesn't mean you don't want a position of power, and that's what you're making clear. Both towards your owner as other cats. You won't tolerate the latter around at all...


What you also love? Good food, of course! So your owner has been treating you to these crispy chunks with chicken recently. They are not only delicious, they also help with sensitive urinary tracts. Something you may have been experiencing since your owner had you castrated, hoping you'd give up the fight against other cats. Did it help?

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