Cancer cat: you are such a darling!


Sensitive, materialistic, home-loving


No cat as home-loving as you, dearest Cancer cat. You also love having family around you. Especially anywhere and everywhere: being alone is not really your cup of tea. You are also a terrific mother: you dote on your kittens. So, your owner should not take away your little ones very early, or you would be very sad about that. You are therefore very sensitive, so that sometimes you just distance yourself from your owner.


You love kittens so much... that as a cat you also like to get a lot of them. That is why it is best for your owner to consider a sterilization, just like a castration for the Cancer tomcat of your dreams. No panic: your boyfriend's love for you won't diminish, and you will take care of your owner's other pets and - who knows - even the owner's little kids, as long as you remain the family's darling.


It's no coincidence that the Cancer tomcat in the neighbourhood is head over heels for you. After all, you are loving and affectionate towards him as well. Moreover, he is undoubtedly impressed by your beautiful coat - at least that goes for your owner.
You are very fond of cleanliness and hygiene, even in the litter box. That's why you encourage your owner to refresh the litter box regularly during the hot summer months with something that absorbs and neutralises unpleasant odours. Available with perfume of flowers, strawberry, green tea ... It's up to you and your owner to choose!
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