The Sagittarius cat: long live freedom!


Extroverted, independent, optimistical


If you could, you would smile at life! You love to set off on adventures in nature, where you get yourself in trouble, like in a very tall tree or something. Unless your owner is sick, then you stay in the house. You do prefer the window sill, where you keep an eye on your owner and the outside world.


And as soon as your owner is healed, you want to leave the house again. Because you are full of happy energy. One thing is for sure: you really love your owner. You miaow spontaneously, love to cuddle and like to get cuddles back... But you will get out nevertheless. Maybe to that second or third family where you are pretty much a regular!


Although you'll always come back to your 'real' owner. Out of love and because he/she spoils you as a slightly older cat with crispy chunks that taste of chicken and turkey. The chunks contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins to maintain your condition and weight. Enjoy your meal, dear Sagittarius, aka foodie!

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