Crispy Pellets vs. Crispy Muesli: what is the difference?

Crispy is a wide range of both varied feed mixtures and nutritionally enriched pellets. But what are the differences exactly between the two?

Crispy Pellets

Crispy Pellets is a complete nutrition for rabbits, small mammals and ferrets in all-in-one pellets. All vitamins, minerals and nutrients are incorporated in the same pellet; this is also called "monocomponent food". The advantage: your pet won't be able to be picky and will ingest all nutrients.

Each pellet also contains our unique Happy & Healthy mix, which consists of all building blocks to make your little darling happy and healthy. The cocktail of vitamins, amino acids and minerals helps maintain a healthy coat and provides your pet with a resistance against illness and a long life full of vitality. 
Crispy Pellets You can choose from five types of Crispy Pellets:
Crispy Pellets Rabbits: complete pellet food for rabbits
Crispy Pellets Guinea Pigs: complete pellet food for guinea pigs
Crispy Pellets Chinchillas & Degus: complete pellet food for chinchillas and degus
Crispy Pellets Rats & Mice: complete pellet food for rats and mice
Crispy Pellets Ferrets: complete pellet food for ferrets

Crispy Muesli

Crispy Muesli are complete feed mixtures for rabbits and other small mammals. It is a highly varied mixture of chunks, vegetable flakes, seeds, hay stems... that contains the tastiest and healthiest ingredients, just like in nature. This food also contains our Happy & Healthy pellets. Tip: Make sure your pet eats all of its food before you give it a new portion. 
Crispy Muesli You can choose from four types of Crispy Muesli.
Crispy Muesli Rabbits: complete food for dwarf and domestic rabbits
Crispy Muesli Big Rabbits: complete food for medium-sized and large (outdoor) rabbits
Crispy Muesli Guinea Pigs: complete food for guinea pigs
Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co: complete food for (dwarf) hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice.

Give your rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or degu the right amount of feed daily, supplemented with fresh water and a good amount of fresh hay. The hay stimulates the natural foraging instinct and ensures the necessary nibbling fun.

It's time for a snack!

Give Crispy snacks as a reward, to fight boredom or to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. This way, when they see you, they will come running to you even quicker. The snacks are not only a welcome variation to the daily diet, but also good for the animal well-being and they are of course extremely delicious! 
Crispy Snacks The Crispy snacks range below are all delicious extras.
Crispy Snack
Crispy Sticks
Crispy Crunchies
Crispy Biscuits
Crispy Toasties
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