Happy life Junior, for puppies and growing dogs.

Lively and healthy puppies burn two to three times more calories per day than adult dogs. Therefore, it is important to choose a food adjusted to the needs of the pups.

Happy life Junior contains all the nutritional elements to ensure optimal growth and unmatched vitality. The small chunks with chicken also contain dairy products, apple and broccoli.

A good puppy food naturally ensures healthy growth and contributes to healthy bones. But that is not all! Healthy food also ensures good firm stools and a beautiful shiny coat. Moreover, a puppy that gets good food just feels much better, is more alert and lively.


  • Make sure your puppy can eat quietly and undisturbed.
  • Give it a maximum of half an hour to eat the contents of its bowl. Then throw away what is left and provide fresh food at the next meal.
  • Dogs must always have fresh water available.
  • It may be that, after eating, your puppy needs some rest or a nap to help it digest its food properly. Allow it to rest and do not take it for a walk straight away.
  • When your puppy is old enough to switch to adult food, we advise you to do it slowly to spare its delicate digestive system. Start for 3-4 days with 1/3rd adult food and 2/3rds puppy food, then for another 3-4 days mix 2/3rds adult food with 1/3rd puppy food.

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