The egg laying champion among chickens is undoubtedly the leghorn. The hens of this breed lay between 250 and 300 snow-white eggs a year. The hens are almost never broody, allowing them to continue laying eggs throughout the year. Chickens of this breed are energetic; they grow quickly and mature early. The chickens are easily domesticated but not tamed and will always remain a little distant and aloof.

During the winter months, the animals are sensitive to freezing temperatures. It is, therefore, advisable during frost to lubricate the wattles and the comb with petroleum jelly. This will prevent the freezing and dying off of these body parts.

Typical for this breed:

  • White eggs
  • White earlobes and yellow legs
  • Slim posture
  • Between 250 and 300 eggs per year
  • Almost never broody
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