You and your birds

There are so many different breeds and types of birds.
You might prefer the birds you spot and food in your garden, or perhaps you enjoy
breeding champions, building a beautiful aviary or having a bird in your home.
Whatever your situation, you have a unique relationship with these birds
and want only the best for them.


Wild birds

  • Are you completely spellbound by the birds in your garden or on your terrace? Find out via the link below what treats and foods you can offer them throughout the year.

Cage and aviary birds

  • Breeding cage and aviary birds is complex and demands a significant amount of expertise.
    Specific food and care is necessary at every stage, so our avian experts have created a wide specialized range.
  • As a result of their expertise, your cage and aviary bird can also benefit from top quality products.

Park birds, ratites & water birds

  • We have developed a special range of foods for these aviary birds, with their specific nutritional needs in mind.
  • You can read all about it by following the link below.

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